WiDEYE Natural Bath Products


Recently on a weekend away with my boyfriend I discovered an absolute gem in Rye, East Sussex. We were exploring the streets and looking for somewhere nice to get lunch when I came across a shop named WiDEYE and through the window I spotted various beauty products so naturally decided to go in and have a look. I only picked up a couple of products, one being a bath bomb and the other a bath melt, both smell extremely luxurious as did the shop itself. They also sold other products including soaps and shower gels.

The WiDEYE products are made from natural formulas designed to cleanse, protect and hydrate your body without the use of synthetic dyes or fragrances.

Firstly I picked up the Aqua Karma Bath Bomb (£3.25). This is a described as their ultimate de-stress bath bomb including ingredients such as Patchouli, Lime, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Amyris. After looking on their website I have discovered each ingredient provides natural ant-depressant qualities, easing tension in your mind and also helps soothe irritated skin. I found as soon as I dropped the product into the bath the lovely aroma it let off was almost instant and luckily the scent lingered in my bathroom for a couple of days after this. The bath bomb created an explosion of essential oils which left my skin feeling so soft and smelling fresh. Flower petals also spread all over the surface of the bath as it gradually dissolved meaning not only the scent was creating a spa like experience.


The other product I purchased was a Butter Cup Spice Bath Melt (£3.75). This doesn’t appear to be on their website so I don’t know the exact ingredients included, however I think there was possibly Ginger and Lime in there somewhere. The melt came in a little paper cup which gradually opened up as the product was melting. This product is different to bath bomb as it doesn’t really create an explosion and is more slow releasing. I must say with this one I definitely saw more oils laying on top of the water meaning when I got out of the bath I felt like I had already moisturised. The scent again on this one was strong but you could definitely tell it wasn’t artificial and it was lovely how you were left with the smell in the bathroom.

I’d definitely recommend the two products I have used from this company and am very keen to try some more as I’m sure they will be equally as amazing. I love the natural origins of the products and love the natural aromas they let off.

The lady working in the shop also let me know all the products are available on their website (http://www.wideye.co.uk/) and customers in the UK can benefit from free delivery on all orders. If you’re in Rye any time soon be sure to pop in and pick up a few bits but also they offer body, facial, eye, tanning and waxing treatments. I’m hoping to return in the near future to experience one of these but for now I will be ordering more products from their website.

Let me know if you decide to try any WiDEYE products, I’d love to know.

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  1. jennicocoa says:

    Love this! I’ve never tried WiDEYE products, but i would love to now.


    1. They really are such a treat, the essential oils make them feel so spa like xx


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