Pink Parcel Review – March 2016

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Pink Parcel is a subscription box designed especially for us ladies to make that time of the month a little more bearable. The service is designed  so that you receive sanitary products that you have chosen on the Pink Parcel website just in time for when you need them. The box also always includes beauty and lifestyle items too. I love the idea behind this box and feel it is up there with the ones that offer the best value for money.

My March box arrived last week but I’ve only just had a chance to open it. Firstly I got the sanitary items which I haven’t pictured as I’m sure you can know what they look like. Pink Parcel supply you with more than enough of your chosen option and if like me you become a regular subscriber you are sure to never run out.  Anyway onto the exciting part…


As soon as I opened the box I smelt something absolutely divine and it turns out it was a wax melt by the Simple Candle Co. in the scent Oudh Nights. I can’t even describe the smell of this apart from saying that its quite intense but in a really good way. I have received wax melts from Pink Parcel in the past and have been meaning to buy burner so if anyone has any recommendations on what one to go for then that’d be great. The other lifestyle items were Sweet Virtues Baobab and Vanilla Chocolate Truffles and a Ginger and Pineapple Green Tea.


The beauty items this month included a natural deodorant by Native Unearthed, I am keen to try this as I’ve used a natural deodorant before and it worked really well. I also received a Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-off mask, I haven’t used this particular one before but everything else I have used from this brand has been excellent. This month there was a repeat product in my box that I think I also received sometime last year but luckily I really enjoy the Paw Paw Moisturising Balm as its extremely similar to Elizabeth Arden’s hour cream so I wasn’t concerned by this at all.


The box also contained a couple of accessories including a glass nail file which I find are much better than the traditional type and also a small make-up pouch perfect for keeping things together in my hand bag.


Last year Pink Parcel started to include a SASS feminine hygiene product and this month it was a PH Balanced Serum.

Pink Parcel costs £12.99 a month and there is a choice of three delivery dates for you to choose from in order to ensure your box arrives in time.I think this service is well worth the money as previously I would regularly run out, I also enjoy receiving a gift from myself to myself at this time of the month. Its great how the parcel includes products in order to allow you to pamper yourself when your feeling particularly rubbish.

To subscribe and find out more visit

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