March Favourites 2016




It’s that time of month again where I share with you my favourite things from the previous few weeks.

A few things have stood out to me this month, mainly going away for a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, leaving a job that I had been in for 18 months throughout my time at university and starting my first full time job… eeek. I’ve actually found I’ve been spending a lot less now that I’m working away from a shop, for more hours a day although I have done a little bit of shopping in order to add some bits to my work wardrobe. I visited the seaside during March, saw a gorgeous sunset and also took a trip to Port Lympne Reserve which was really enjoyable and included a safari trip the ticket price.


Now onto the products I have been enjoying. There’s been a few haircare products that I’ve been loving this month, I picked up three of these in the Boots clearance area which has to be a favourite in itself. Firstly I picked up a ‘Wet Brush’ which I think was reduced to around £2.50, I absolutely love it and now that I have used it I would definitely say its worth its full price. I usually use a Tangle Teezer but in my opinion this removes tangles much better and because of its traditional hair brush shape I think its easier to use on longer hair. I then picked up the Dove Nourishing Oil Care shampoo and conditioner which were reduced to 68p each so for that price I thought they were worth a try. I’ve never used any Dove hair products before but will definitely be trying some more as they leave my hair looking healthy and feeling so soft. Lastly something I have been loving for months, possibly even years is the Batiste dry shampoo, particularly the one for blonde hair. This month it’s been especially handy for the early starts at work and I love the blonde one as it doesn’t leave my roots looking grey.


When I went away for the weekend to Rye at the beginning of the month I discovered a shop called WiDEYE, I especially loved the bath bomb I picked up as it was so luxurious and relaxing. Check out my full review here.


There’s been a few beauty things I have loved this month including a couple of bits from Soap and Glory. This matte lipstick in BLUSH PINK is the most perfect shade, is really long lasting and not drying at all. I’ve also been using the One Heck of a Blot translucent powder and can honestly say its the best one I have used, as it doesn’t make your face look cakey at all. When it comes to removing make up I use either a hot cloth cleanser or Micellar Water, but I have recently discovered Superdrugs Micellar wipes which are great for when I’m feeling too lazy or tired in the evening to do my whole cleansing routine. I know wipes aren’t the best thing for your skin but by using them once in while I don’t imagine they’re doing any harm. They’re also really affordable and great to use for correcting make up mistakes.



cutmypic (2)cutmypic (1)

Back in February I purchased a saddle style bag from Primark but after one use the catch snapped and therefore I was unable to fasten it. When returned the bag, I unfortunately didn’t have the receipt and they didn’t have the exact bag to enable me to do a straight exchange, so instead I paid a little extra and picked up this larger saddle style bag. I’m really pleased with it as its a great every day bag and personally I think it was a bargain for £9. Another fashion item that I have been showing a lot of love this month are these knee high suede look boots, they’re so comfortable. I’ve also been wearing them over jeans which is a new look for me but in my opinion they actually look really nice. I got them from George at Asda at the end of last year although they definitely haven’t had enough love until this month. Lastly I have been loving this faux leopard print fur lined parka coat, its really warm and the lining is detachable so it will also lead me nicely into spring. I purchased it from ASOS and its probably one of the most expensive fashion items I have bought in a long time, but it was definitely worth the splurge and looked great with my Primark bobble hat.

What have been your favourite things during March?

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