You Beauty Box Review – April 2016


I’ve got my hands on the April Edition of the You Beauty Box and there’s a lot of interesting products inside. When I was first emailed the choices I wasn’t overly excited however since making my selections and receiving the box my feelings have changed. This months theme is Natural & Organic which is an area I do enjoy some products from but on the whole I usually purchase more mainstream high street brands.  The contents of this box are all new products to me which is great as I always like trying new things, I’m particularly happy with the Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum as I’ve been keen to try something from this range for a long time.

For those of you who are new to You Beauty and their subscription boxes, it is a service that you pay for each month and then get to choose two products from a list and then get a few further surprise products added into the box. I love the element of surprise but also the fact that I know I am going to get at least two products I will want to try. The options go live on the first of every month and often the more “hyped” products will fly off of the virtual shelves quickly.


Firstly I chose the Kneipp Herbal Bath Sweet Dreams (20ml), this is a liquid comprised of a blend of natural essential oils including Valerian and Hops. I was glad to see this on the list of options as I’ve never used anything containing Valerian before but have heard the results are amazing. I enjoy relaxing baths before bed and often use a bath bomb or a lavender based bubble bath so this will make a lovely change. This product states it contains enough for 1-2 full baths so will give me enough uses to see if it makes a difference to my sleep.

My second choice was the Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum. I’m really excited to try this as I have previously learnt about the repairing benefits of Hemp. I have dark circles under my eyes and am keen to see if this will lighten them as it helps skin renewal. If I see good results from this product I will be definitely be purchasing more things from the Hemp range to try. This is a full size product and usually retails for £8.99.


Finally the additional products that every subscriber received in their box this month  were Hask Argan Oil & Keratin Protein Deep Conditioner and Neom Burst Capsules. The deep conditioner is a welcomed edition to the box as it claims to prevent breakage in weak and damaged hair which unfortunately I do suffer with due to using heat for styling. I have never heard of the Neom Capsules before but this box contains one pack for daily de-stress and another for energy boosting.The idea behind them is to twist them open and massage the liquid into your hands, cup them together over your nose and breathe in through your nose for seven seconds and out through your mouth for eleven. I am very intrigued to see how and if these work.

Price of the box is £6.95 including P&P. This months box is still available to buy but choices may be limited. You can subscribe to this box by visiting

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