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I’ve seen empties posts on a few of my favourite blogs and of course videos on the topic all over YouTube, I really enjoy hearing opinions from people who have used a product up. I think these posts are a great way to find out whether a product is worth the money or just really hyped up. I’ve been collecting up my empties since the beginning of the year and have selected a few to feature in this post.


Firstly I’ll start with the skincare items. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts one of my favourite ways to remove my make-up is with a micellar water. I’ve used Bioderma a few times, I firstly bought some in France after seeing a lot of bloggers post about it. I think its okay but I don’t think for the price it does anything different to any other micellar waters I have used. Having said that due to the cheaper price in France I would buy some if I was to visit in the future. Next up I have a sample size of Benefit’s Total Moisture Facial Cream. I’ve had this in my skincare stash for a while and finally got round to using it but I didn’t like how it didn’t soak into my skin even though my skins fairly dry at the moment. It also felt like it left my skin quite oily so I wouldn’t repurchase. A moisturiser I would repurchase over and over again (I already have) is No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced day cream, its perfect for my skin to make sure it doesn’t get too dry and never breaks me out. It seems to keep my skin in overall good condition. This little sample was in my No7 advent calendar and actually lasted me about a month. Finally for skincare are the micellar wipes from Superdrug, I have used two different types over the last few months and honestly I can’t tell the difference I just pick up whichever one is on offer. They’re great for when I’m feeling too lazy to take my makeup off properly but I usually use them to remove make-up from my hands or for eye make-up mistakes.


Next up I have my make-up empties, I rarely use up make-up as I have so much of it and tend to just rotate it. Although when I do usually use something up its typically a mascara or an eyebrow product as you’ll see. Strangely all of these empties are from Maybelline, I actually love this brand and can’t really remember very many products I have disliked from them apart from the dream matte mousse I used to wear in about five shades too dark when I was thirteen but that was definitely my own fault! I’ve had this Illegal Length Mascara for a couple of years now but only opened it at the end of last year, I did really like how much length it gave to my lashes but it is the type that adds fibre extensions to your lashes and therefore really irritated my eyes. If the amount of fallout was improved I would repurchase for sure. I also used up the Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline and like the rest of the internet I don’t have a bad word to say about this. In fact I think I’ve used up about five of these since it came out and have now had to ban myself from buying it again until I have used up some of the unopened mascaras in my stash. My last make-up empty is the Brow Satin, this product is perfect for my brows in colour and due to how easy it is to use. I used to use a Rimmel pencil but found it was really easy to overfill my brows with it leaving them super dark and thick. This Brow Satin has two ends although I don’t really get on with the sponge end and therefore only use the crayon. I must have used at least six of these and constantly repurchase them so I always have a back up when one runs out. The only thing that annoys me slightly is the crayon is so delicate and often snaps.


I’ve been on a mission to use up the body sprays and perfumes I’ve had for ages but its not going so great as I find it takes forever to use up body spray and I get bored of wearing the same perfume. Having said that I have found leaving one perfume out in easy reach means that when I am in a rush for work I’ll just grab it. The most recent one I have used up is The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Eau De Toilette from a couple of Christmas’ ago. I liked the smell but it wasn’t anything like what I’d usually pick and by the end of the bottle I really couldn’t wait to finish it. I also bought the shower gel at the same time and definitely think the scent was more suited to that. I used up a mini body spray too that my mum must have bought me in set many many Christmas’ ago, the smell was pleasant but nothing special.


I don’t use that many variations of products on my hair so often I just use up shampoo, dry shampoo and conditioner, this time there was a couple of other things too. Firstly I used up a couple of Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo’s which I always repurchase and my life will definitely end the day they stop producing it. I then used up a Umberto Giannini Intense Beauty conditioner, I have’t used this particular one before but expected it would be great as I’ve used other things from the brand and I wasn’t let down. It made my hair feel lovely and soft. I finally used up a hairspray that I must have had on the go for at least two years, it only lasted so long because I don’t usually need to use it. I really liked the coconutty scent this had and the overall hold seemed great, it didn’t leave my hair feeling hard or crisp either which was great. The next product is new to me but I got it on a glitch with boots which was something like 3 for £12 and one of these is around £10 so I couldn’t really resist. I am always looking for things to help my hair grow so this Treatment for Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length from Lee Stafford seemed perfect, I can’t say I noticed any difference in the length however I noticed less fall out and my hair felt less dry.I still have two pots left so will keep on trying and if I notice significant growth I will report back. I have never used anything from Rituals before so this shampoo was a real treat, it smelt very luxurious and the consistency definitely was different to cheaper shampoos I’ve tried. I can’t say it did anything different to any others I’ve used though.


I have used up two shower products both from Soap and Glory. Firstly was the Rich and Foamus Body wash which I managed to get in the Boots clearance for £3.50, its lasted me for months and although it smelt lovely I’m definitely ready to use something with a different scent. The next shower product is the Whipped Clean Shower Butter, I don’t actually use this as a shower gel but instead for shaving my legs. The consistency makes it great for this and also moisturises at the same time, I always repurchase it.


Finally two slightly random empties. Dr Bronners Magic Soap is a great make-up brush cleanser and this one has actually lasted me about six months, I will definitely repurchase when I see it in TK Maxx next. My final empty is Patch-it Sleep, these are little stick on patches that you place on the bottom of your feet in order to draw out toxins. I applied these after having a bath and then left them on all night and in the morning the pads had turned black. I find it hard to grasp how these draw out toxins but get a strange amount of satisfaction of seeing the “dirt”these draw out from my body. I can’t say I slept any better with these though.

Have you ever used any of these products? Are your opinions of them different to mine?

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