Sephora Haul Summer 2016 – Part 1


As some of you may of see over on Instagram I have been away in America for 2 weeks. The purpose of the trip was to attend my cousins wedding in New York but before this I spent a week in Florida relaxing by the beach and exploring the Gulf Coast. I’ll discuss my trip more in a separate travel post so keep an eye out for that. Whilst visiting America it would of been rude not to visit Sephora and make more than a few purchases, this first haul comes from the Sephora inside J C Penny at Tyrone Square, St Petersburg, Florida. This was only a concession and therefore was quite small although I still managed to pick up some of the things on my wishlist.


The first couple of things I picked up were Sephora face mask’s, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how good they are and most people seem to pick them up when buying from Sephora so I decided I would get a couple to see what the fuss is all about. I chose Lotus and Rose. The Lotus mask is meant to be good for moisturising and soothing, whilst the Rose claims to be ultra moisturising and brightening. I also picked up an eye mask too as I suffer a lot with dark circles under my eyes and despite my best efforts to drink more and apply eye cream they never seem to fade. I wanted to try this to see what difference it made to my under eye area, if I like it I may be placing an order for some more.


Some of my regular readers may be aware I attended an event at my local Urban Decay counter back in May (I think) and the ladies there were discussing the benefits of using the B6 Complexion Prep Spray. They discussed how it helps to use this as well as moisturiser in order to make sure your skin is ready for makeup and also how it can be used in between each layer of make up, for example if you put multiple layers of foundation on or between your foundation and powder. They also discussed how it helps improve the longevity of eyeshadow. I decided to pick up a travel size in Sephora and if I notice it makes any difference to how my make up applies then I will consider buying the full size.



Whilst browsing I spotted a sort of clearance section much like Boots sometimes have here and in this section I saw the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette reduced from around $60 to $39.99. I was so pleased to see this as I really wanted it when it was first released around Christmas time but talked myself out of it as I was only working part-time and had other expenses. I’m glad I waited as it was £40 here when first released but the exchange rate meant I got it for around £24. I really like this palette as most of the colours are safe for me as I know they suit me but then there are a couple that are a bit more out there to create a more unusual eye look.

I decided to move out of my comfort zone a bit and pick up the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita. Although the pinky brown colour of this lip product isn’t an unusual colour for me the formulation is, I’ve tried using it but felt I needed a lip liner in order to keep it looking neat. I’m sure after a lot of practise this product has the potential to be up there with my favourites. I picked up a lip liner in a later Sephora haul which should be live in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for that.


Lastly I purchased a Beauty Blender, this is a product I have heard so much about all over the internet and reviews have mostly been positive. I’ve been trying to decide whether to purchase one for a long time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity when I saw it in Sephora and a few of the other things I wanted were out of stock. I’ve used it a few times since purchasing and so far I’m no more impressed by it than I am with my Real Techniques complexion sponges. I will keep on using it and perhaps try it with some different foundations and see if it works better. If any of you have any tips then it would be great if you could leave them in the comments too.


When I got to the till I opened a Sephora rewards card and since it was my birthday in June they let me choose a birthday gift. I think there was two different choices but I chose the Marc Jacobs set which included a mini lipstick in the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and mini black eyeliner. I’ve never owned any Marc Jacobs make up before so I was really happy with this as a free gift.

That’s all for my first Sephora haul, hope you enjoyed reading it and keep an eye out for part 2 of this and possibly even a part 3. Also I will be posting more holiday haul posts and posts about the holiday itself, although I don’t have a specific posting schedule I do try to post every weekend and mid week also.

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to any holidays you have planned this summer.



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