Sephora Haul Summer 2016 – Part 2

Finally I am writing the long awaited part 2 of my Sephora haul from my holiday in America back in June. I’ve been a terrible blogger recently and haven’t been posting much but I’m hoping in the next few weeks you will see a lot more posts from me. Anyway enough of me rambling on and lets get into what I bought..


This part of the haul is full of things that I had heard spoken about in YouTube videos or had seen advertisements for online. I was really pleased I managed to get hold of all of these things and they are definitely some of my favourite things I picked up whilst away. Firstly I picked up two of the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, the shades I chose were Heartless and Backtalk. Both of these shades are from the Comfort Matte range, these are basically a matte formula but a little more creamy and not at all drying. As the name suggests they are really comfortable to wear and really easy to apply. The shade Backtalk is the more muted of the two pinks I picked and has a slight brown undertone to it making it perfect for everyday wear. Heartless is a lighter shade of pink and is a lovely summer colour. I’m not all that adventurous with lipstick shades and so I thought I’d buy two I know I will wear a lot as they aren’t cheapest lipsticks to buy.

Left- Backtalk and Right – Heartless
Left – Heartless and Right – Backtalk

The next product I picked up was the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, this is something I have been longing for forever but for some reason have never got round to buying it. Somehow when you’re on holiday you don’t feel guilty about spending money on things you probably don’t actually need, or is that just me? Not only is this palette full of colours I will actually use the majority of (for once) but adding to its beauty is the smell of chocolate. As soon as I took it out of the box I could smell it and its lovely, I’ve heard this smell doesn’t fade either when you’ve had it for a while.


I then picked up something from the brand Fresh, I have heard about them online and also seen products when browsing the Sephora website but as its not a brand easily available in the UK I haven’t tried anything from them. I ended up buying the Sugar Lip Treatment in the shade Tulip. This is a lip treatment that moisturises and smooths the lips but also leaves a slight pink tint to them. I decided on this as I suffer with very dry lips in the winter and so hopefully if I use this when the cold weather comes I can try and prevent this from happening. To also help with this problem I purchased one of the Sephora lip masks in the Rose scent this does similar things to the lip treatment. I was hoping to pick up some more but every Sephora I went in were out of stock on all lip masks apart from this random one I found. Staying on the lip theme and accompanying all of the high end and drugstore lipsticks I purchased in the USA I picked up a product from No Cosmetics. This is a brand I have never heard of but the product is exactly what I had been needing, it is secret lip liner called No Bleeding Lips. It is see through and therefore stops lipstick bleeding around the outside of your lips but can be used with any lipstick. If it works this product will be great. Unfortunately I haven’t tried it yet but I will report back.


That’s it for this instalment of the Sephora Haul but there will be one more coming up which mainly focused on base products. I also have another American drugstore haul on its way too. Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have bought, even if it is a bit late.

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