The Skinny Bakery


This week I made my first order from The Skinny Bakery, I’d seen posts about them all over Instagram and have been following the company’s page on Facebook for a while. They produce sweet treats but with less calories, fat and sugar which is great for those of us who have a sweet tooth. I placed a one off order but they offer daily, weekly and monthly delivery subscriptions.

I went for the Pick ‘N’ Mix 8! option when ordering. Which meant I got eight packets of products for £19.99, saving £4 from if you were to order each product separately.

I chose –

Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies x2 (141 calories per pack)

Skinny Chocolate Pearls (208 calories per pack)

Skinny Mini Gingerbread Men (109 calories per pack)

Skinny Choc Chip Cookies x2 (187 calories per pack)

Skinny Cherry Bakewell Tart x2 (91 calories per tart)

So far I’ve tried a Chery Bakewell Tart, a Double Chocolate Meringue Cookie and a Chocolate Pearl. I’m really impressed with them, they’re all really tasty and don’t taste like they’re lower in calories or sugar at all. I will report back about the rest of the products on my Instagram so if you’re interested feel free to follow me over there.

If you’d like to purchase anything from the Skinny Bakery you can do so at


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