Slimming World – Baked Oats


I’ve started doing Slimming World again and so far have lost 8.5lb which I’m really happy with but I’ve started getting bored with what I’m eating for breakfast. I think its really easy to get stuck eating the same things for each meal when you’re trying to follow a diet or meal plan but some people argue this isn’t the best thing for your body when trying to loose weight. I was looking through one of the many Slimming World support pages on Facebook and came across this recipe for Baked Oats quite a few times so decided to try it out. It kind of feels like you’re eating cake for breakfast so I definitely thought I should share it on my blog for any of my lovely readers following the Slimming World plan.


Slimming World Baked Oats Recipe

40g Oats (can be used as your Healthy Extra B)
A dash of Vanilla Extract/ Essence
Syn Free Yoghurt/ Quark ( 1/2 a muller light or 2/3 table spoons of another of your choice)

Mix all ingredients together and place in a silicone case, like the Waffle one from ebay I have used. Bake for 25-30 minutes at Fan 180/ Gas Mark 6. Can be served with fruit or can be baked with jam in the middles of them ( 1 tablespoon of jam generally is 2 syns). If you use the quark instead of yoghurt these are perfect for an SP day.


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  1. Sam says:

    That looks really nice!


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