Reflecting on 2017 & Goals for Next Year

Where has this year gone? It has completely flown by for me. I’ve made some really good memories this year with my family and Sam but I can’t help thinking in terms of achievements this year has been pretty nondescript. Not much has changed really in the last year and there are some things that really do need to, don’t get me wrong on the whole I’m happy but I do have some goals for the next year.

My first is thinking about the future, for me this means being better with money and hopefully start saving a bit more and secondly something which I think is key for the future is to decide what career route I’d like to go down. I graduated in 2015 and have been working in Customer Service since early 2016 but its definitely time for a new challenge. Similarly to most people another goal of mine is to become a bit healthier, I started going to the gym back in November and I’ve been pretty impressed how much I’ve used my membership but I definitely need to change my eating habits and so I’m thinking about joining Slimming World again. I joined in 2015 and lost a stone and a half, although I haven’t put it all back on I still had more to loose back then so I’ve got even more to lose now. Lastly one of the things that would make me most happy is being able to focus on creating more content for my blog and posting on Instagram more, I love getting feedback from readers who enjoy my posts or find them useful so I definitely need to make more time in my schedule instead of only posting as and when.

The best parts of 2017 (that I remembered to take photo’s of) are below –

In January we visited Disneyland Paris for Sam’s birthday.

Processed with MOLDIV

In February we won Seven Courses of Desserts at The Quills in Rochester for Valentines day and in March we went to London Zoo and Bubba Gump for our five year Anniversary.

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In May I saw Ed Sheeran at the O2 with my sister and mum.

Processed with MOLDIV

In June Sam and I went to Cornwall for my Birthday…

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…and I saw the amazing Adele at Wembley with my Mum, Dad and Sister.

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In August we went to Ireland to do some sightseeing and visit family.

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In September we attended my cousins wedding in the Kent countryside.

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In October we went Pumpkin Picking and in November we went to a fireworks display at Leeds Castle.

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In December there has been lots of festivities with family and friends but I’m awful at remembering to take photos. So here’s a picture of my best friend and I at Winter Wonderland in London and my mums beautiful Christmas tree.

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

I hope you’ve all had a great year and have a wonderful 2018.

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