Glossier Mini Haul & Review

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My first post of 2018 featuring one of the biggest brands to travel across the pond to the UK in 2017. Glossier has been a brand highly regarded by bloggers and youtubers for a little while now but wasn’t accessible in the UK until last year so all of us who don’t regularly visit America can finally enjoy the brand and see what all the fuss is about.

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I only picked up three products from the brand to start with based on other reviews I’d seen and I’m really impressed with them all so I’ll definitely be ordering some more. They came in the famous pink pouch which will come in handy for putting more delicate beauty products in when travelling. I was a little disappointed none of my products came with the stickers I’ve seen other people receive but I don’t know if these are only meant for selected products? My lack of stickers obviously doesn’t effect the products at all so onto talking about them…

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Moisturizing Moon Mask (£18)
This facemask is so softening and hydrating, my skin looked really healthy and fresh after using it. It’s essentially like a really thick moisturizer as it sits on the skin clear rather than you actually looking like you’re wearing a mask. My skin is so dry I tend to leave these clear sort of masks on a little bit longer than recommended and get on with other things whilst they’re working their magic. I didn’t experience any break outs at all afterwards which is always a concern for me when using new skincare. Its not strongly scented either which fits in with the brands simple but on trend packaging.

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Haloscope Dew Effect Highlighter – Quartz (£18)
This highlighter is in this haul due to how much it was mentioned in all of the Glossier blogposts and video’s I saw before making my order. I wasn’t sure how well this Highlighter was going to work for me due to it being in stick form as I find sometimes these kinds of products can make my imperfections look more obvious or not sit very well on top of my foundation but I actually really like it. Quartz is a pale champagne gold shade and the best suited to my skin tone out of the three Glossier have to offer, its really flattering and gives a natural glow. It looks so natural due to the formula of the product, the ring round the outside creates the shimmer whilst the centre is a mixture of oils helping to give that dewy look as the name suggests it should.

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Boy Brow – Blond (£14)
As soon as I started to use Boy Brow I started to wonder if its just the same product as Benefit’s Gimme Brow but in different packaging – even the brushes are very similar. It wouldn’t be an issue even it was because I love these types of brow products and Gimme Brow is usually my go to. This brow gel is so easy to use and helps cover to add volume and colour to my minimal brows. For reference – I picked Boy Brow in the shade Blond and usually use Gimme Brow in shade 1.

I’m really enjoying using these Glossier products and am thinking about placing another order as I really want to try some more of their skincare products, the Stretch Concealer and the Blam Dotcom. From the small range of products I’ve tried from the brand I think its a great mid-range brand with high quality products.

Glossier products are available directly from their website You can use my link to get 10% off your first order and I will get some store credit for referring you.


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