The Skinny Bakery – Cake On A Diet

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I’ve made quite a few orders from The Skinny Bakery within the last year, I blogged about my first one here and I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve tried. I really love the concept behind this brand,  producing sweet treats with less calories, fat and sugar perfect for anyone on Slimming World, Weightwatchers or any other healthy eating plan. The website lists all of the ingredients and calories in each product as they are all freshly made by The Skinny Bakery themselves. I have always placed one off orders but they do offer a subscription service too.

I had been meaning to make an order for a couple of months as they had released a few new products I really wanted to try. As I wanted to buy a few different products I went for the Pick ‘n’ Mix 10! option saving myself £5 from if I were to order the products separately.

I chose –

Peanut Butter Kisses x2 (161 Calories per pack)
Mini Jam Doughnuts x3 (167 Calories per pack)
Mince Pie (190 Calories)
Red Velvet Pearls x2 (169 Calories per pack)
Chocolate & Orange Cookies (181 Calories per pack)
Orange Cheesecake Pearls (173 Calories per pack)

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I’ve tried the cookies before and they are a firm favourite but the rest of the products were all new to me. The doughnuts are absolutely amazing, I’m actually eating one as I write this and I would definitely liken them to a yum yum purely because of the type of icing used. The peanut butter kisses are a great idea as well especially as with a lot of healthy eating plans peanut butter is a big no no due to the high amount of calories but eating one of these gives you a little taste whilst also being able to track the calories. The day after I placed my order they released their Choc-Nut Pearls which have Nutella in, if you’ve tried these please let me know if they’re as dreamy as they sound.

I’d really recommend putting in an order with The Skinny Bakery if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you can do so at and if you enter your email address on the home page new customers can get 10% off.



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