Holland and Barrett Zero Waste Starter Kit

I might be accused of jumping on the band wagon but in this case I think this band wagon needs to be jumped on by all of us beauty addicts in order for a real difference to be made. I’m of course talking about the hot topic of eco-friendly/ ethical and thoughtful beauty choices. I’m currently trying to take the buy less and use more approach, by that I basically mean using up what I’ve got in my beauty stash rather than going out buying more and more. I’m ashamed to say there is so much plastic packaging holding all of these products but once I’ve got through it all then I’ve really got to start being more conscious of what I’m buying and what this is doing to the environment and the impact it is having on humans, animals and the future on this planet.
I tend to use micellar water, cream cleanser and sometimes an eye makeup remover. I use a flannel with the cream cleanser but with the other products I use cotton pads. I have learned that these (as well as wipes) are awful for the environment and so have been meaning to get some reusable ones for a while. When I saw they were included in Holland and Barrett’s Zero Waste kit I thought it was worth buying, the kit is £20 and the cotton pads are £8 on their own.

zero waste 1

In the kit –

  • Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Quick Fix Moisture Mask- Worth £12.50
  • Scence Summer Citrus Deodorant Balm – Worth £12
  • Beauty Kitchen Citrus Burst Organic Vegan Body Cream- Worth £8
  • Holland & Barrett Thick Cotton Pads- Worth £8
  • UpCircle Fennel & Cardamom Chai Soap Bar – Worth £6.99
  • My White Secret Charcoal Floss in a Jar – Worth £5.49
  • Ethique Hair, Face & Body Trial Pack -Worth £10.99

zero waste 2

zero waste 4

zero waste 3

The cotton pads will be the easiest swap and will save me money too. I’m also really interested in trying the shampoo/ conditioner solids, they smell great and I’m hoping they’ll be better for my hair too. I’ve never even thought about the impact keeping our teeth clean has on the environment, flossing and buying new tooth brushes… so so much plastic. The little tube of My White Secret Charcoal floss should keep me going for a whole month, I wonder if it’ll make a difference to my teeth too in terms of them appearing whiter. I use a electric toothbrush normally so may stash this bamboo brush away for my next getaway however I have noticed that Holland & Barrett sell recyclable electric tooth brush heads and if they are compatible with mine then I will be making the swap.

You can buy the Holland and Barrett Zero Waste Starter Kit for £20 here. Or in store.

Have you made any thoughtful beauty swaps recently? Let me know in the comments.

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