Beauty Pie – How It Works & Dupes.

Beauty Pie 1

There’s nothing more I like than coming home to a package of brand new shiny make up to try. I think this is why beauty boxes have appealed to me so much in the past, as a box of new things is sent to you to try each month. Although often due to the lack of customisation I find I end up with a backlog of products to use up. Beauty Pie is such an excellent concept as members pay a fee each month, from as little as £5 and then can access a whole range of products to buy at a fraction of the usual high end price. Each monthly membership fee has a corresponding spending limit.

The products are offered at a member’s only price but also show the typical retail price of similar high-end products. The bargain hunter in me loves this feature.

One of those pesky but slightly welcomed ads targeted me on Facebook with a code for a free product when signing up and I received the below Shimmerbar in the shade Lumineer – Members Price:£9.49 Typical Price:£35.00. This is very similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick’s.  I joined at the end of 2019 and the products I mention below are from the first order I’ve made which was a few weeks ago. Any unused spending limit is rolled over which means you don’t lose out.

Beauty Pie 7

There is speculation that some of the products in the Beauty Pie range are the same as those available from high-end brands but just with different packaging. When browsing the website some of the similarities are so obvious. Beauty Pie offer luxury beauty at a fraction of the price you would find from other brands. They don’t manufacture their own products, similarly to most other luxury brands but they source their products from roughly 20 of the world’s leading labs.

I’ve listed the handful of products I picked up below; I haven’t tried these yet but may post a review once I’ve used them.

Beauty Pie 3

Plantastic Deep Nourishing Moisture Balm – Members Price: £11.06 Typical Price: £50.00
My skin is feeling really dehydrated and dry at the moment and this product can be used for face, neck, chest, hands and elbows. On first impressions the packaging and smell is very luxe.

Beauty Pie 4

Everyday Great Skin Foundation – Members Price: £12.71 Typical Price: £30.00
I’ve heard lots of great things about this foundation. I chose the lightest shade – 50 Superlight which has a neutral undertone. From swatching this, it looks like it’ll be a good match. Word has it that this is a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

Beauty Pie 5

The Unbeatable Concealer – Members Price: £7.64 Typical Price: £20.00
I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a concealer as it’s very rare they impress me, I have lots of blemishes, dark circles etc… that need covering so I had to pick this one up. I chose Shade 75 which has a neutral undertone, on reflection this may not be light enough for under eye but Shade 50 had a pink undertone. The packaging and general look of this concealer is very Bobbi Brown.

Beauty Pie 6

Superbrow Precision Pencil – Members Price: £4.76 Typical Price: £17.00
Truth be told I ordered this as my favourite Primark eyebrow pencil was out of stock and I was down to the last one in my stash so I started to panic!!! Since ordering, I have managed to get my hands on more of my holy grail from Primark. However I am keen to try this one, as it could be even better! This brow pencil looks very similar to Benefit Precisely my brow, which I love but it has a high price tag and runs out very quickly.

Beauty Pie 2

Pro-Glow Highlighter Illuminating Powder – Members Price:£9.05 Typical Price: £26.00
This highlight looked amazing online and looks even more beautiful in real life. I love anything glowy so I’m hopeful this will become a staple in my makeup bag. I chose the shade Cosmic Shine. This highlighter looks very Laura Geller, fingers crossed it performs in the same way.

You can sign up to Beauty Pie using my link –

If you use my link you will get your first month free and I will get a £50 top-up to add to my monthly spending limit!


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