Poundland #6 Skincare Range

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Skincare is such a big area of the beauty market these days and it is often fairly pricey so I was intrigued when I saw Poundland’s new #6 skincare range mentioned online. I went into my local store a week ago and they had five out of the six products on offer. It’s often common for brands to start with a small range and add products to it if it proves a success. This #6 range is said to rival Boots No7 skincare which was one of the main reasons I was interested as I currently use one of their night creams which sets me back around £25 a time!

The range consists of an Anti-Ageing Day Cream, Anti-Ageing Night Cream, Micellar Cleansing Water, Anti-Ageing Collagen Filler, Anti-Ageing Derma Serum and Anti-Ageing Eye Cream. I picked up the Micellar Water and the Day and Night Creams. I’m not concerned about the anti-ageing properties although my No7 night cream also has these properties but instead about how much the creams hydrate my skin which tends to be dry especially as we start to see colder weather. The other three products aren’t something I’d usually use so it seems wasteful to test them even if they are only a pound, I have included pictures of them so you can see the packaging if you’re interested in picking them up. Testing half of the range seems fair to me.

All of the products claim to be suitable for all skin types and the brand is against animal testing which is great for something so affordable.

#6 Anti-Ageing Night Cream
Claims to  – moisturise, soften & hydrate whilst you sleep and fight visible signs of ageing with Collagen, Ceramides, Vitamins A, E & Pro Vitamin B5, Sweet Almond Oil and Algae Extract.

The cream makes my skin very soft but has a fairly strong scent which is something I’m not keen on. One of the key things I like about it is that it makes my skin feel so smooth and when I first wake up in the morning the little bumps under my skin that I have on my cheeks are much less visible.

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#6 Anti-Ageing Day Cream
Claims to – leave your skin feeling moisturised, firm & radiant and fight visible signs of ageing with Collagen, Ceramides, Sweet Almond Oil, Algae Extract and Vitamins A & E.

This again has the strong scent, I would worry if I had sensitive skin that this may irritate it although mine has been ok and I haven’t broken out. The day cream is a nice consistency and sits well under makeup.

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#6 Micellar Cleansing Water
Claims to – remove make-up whilst helping to cleanse, smooth and purify the skin with Pro Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamin E. It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin as it is gentle including no harsh chemicals or detergents and is fragrance and alcohol free.

The claim on the bottle of the product being fragrance free is incorrect, although the fragrance isn’t as strong as the day & night creams it definitely still is there. I’m not sure if it’s the fragrance or just the general formula that stings both my eyes and skin. I know it doesn’t specify on the bottle this can be used on the eyes but I as I’m sure most people do with micellar water just sweep over my whole face with it on a cotton pad before then using a further cleanser/ eye makeup remover.

My conclusion on the brand from the products I’ve tried is that they could have been more creative with the name instead of creating a range so obviously rivalling a leading brand who in my opinion they cannot compete with. Boots No7 is a mid-range brand and highly regarded in the beauty industry whereas I feel like the Poundland #6 range is so obviously budget and in my opinion something you’d pick up if you were a little bit short on cash that month or if you didn’t really have any specific skincare requirements. The anti-ageing properties are something I couldn’t test as this would show over time however I don’t think I would leave something as serious as preventing my skin looking older down to a £1 cream. I wouldn’t pick up any of these products again as the micellar water does sting my eyes especially and the creams are far to scented for me. What I would say is that if scented products don’t bother you then it may be worth picking up the day & night cream as a backup or to see if you get on with it.


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