American Drugstore Haul 2016 – Part 1


As you may know from my previous post I have recently been away on holiday in America for two weeks and of course with any trip to America comes a lot of shopping. We visited Walmart to pick up a few food bits and whilst we were there I came across the makeup and beauty section. I couldn’t just walk past without browsing through the brands we can’t get back here in England and also to pick up some products we can get at home but are cheaper in the USA.


Last time I visited America about two years ago I noticed that Real Techniques brushes were cheaper so this time I went with a list of the ones I wanted and had been holding off buying back at home. Unfortunately they didn’t have the brow set which is what I most wanted but I did manage to get the Brush Cleansing Palette, Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush. These all worked out to be £2-£3 cheaper than their regular price in the UK.



I then picked up two palettes both of which are from brands that aren’t widely available in the UK. The first palette which I used quite a lot on holiday is from Milani and is called Must Have Naturals, its a really easy palette for every day use and also has a guide on the back showing you where to use each colour. The brush is actually okay too as its not one of those with the sponge on the end so its perfect for on the go. The second palette is from Hard Candy, this a brand that I hadn’t heard much about before my trip but their products particularly the eyeshadows look really pretty. This palette is called Guilty Pleasure and is from the top ten trendsetters eyeshadow collection, it is full of gorgeous glitter shadows. I haven’t used this one yet but really hope the shadows are as long lasting as my similar Urban Decay ones.


I noticed a new product from Maybelline, the Face Studio Master Fix Setting Spray. I don’t think this has been released in the UK yet so I wanted to try it. I also wanted to see if this was any better than the Superstay 24hr Setting Spray by Maybelline as when sprayed this left white dots all over my face and seemed to be a problem for many users. It doesn’t appear this new one does this so I’m not sure if it will be replacing the existing setting spray for the brand or if it will be sold alongside it.  In addition to the Hard Candy product I mentioned earlier I also picked up an eye brightening concealer from the brand, hopefully this will help mask my dark circles.

That’s all for part 1 of the drugstore haul but there is definitely going to be a part 2 and maybe even a part 3 as I did purchase quite a lot of make up. Sorry about the quality of the pictures on this post, they were taken in my New York hotel room and lighting wasn’t great but I had to throw away some of the packaging before going home as my case was very full so I was doing all I could to make space. I wanted to take pictures of the products with their packaging so couldn’t wait until I was home.

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