Mask Monday – Origins Maskimizer & Original Skin Mask

As those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen I have posted a couple of selfies over the last few Mondays with a mini review of masks I have in my stash that I am trying to use up. These two products that I have used today are much more interesting than a normal mask so I felt they deserved their own blog post. Hopefully you find them interesting too. A few months a go I got the Latest in Beauty Origins Mix and Mask beauty box and amongst the goodies inside were the products I’m going to be reviewing today.


The first product of the duo is the Maskimizer this is a one of a kind product as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t seen any other brands with something like this. The Maskimizer is a skin-optimizing mask primer that you spray on your face in a similar way you would do with a priming spray for make up. This spray has a very clean but luxurious smell to it and does make your skin feel very cleansed and fresh ready for a mask. It is supposed to optimize the effects of the mask, I’m unsure if I could confirm it does this but it is a very luxurious product that makes you feel very pampered.

After spritzing my face with the Maskimizer I then used the Original Skin retexturizing mask with Rose Clay, I opted for this mask as recently I have been getting these very small dry bumps under the skin on my cheeks so I’m hoping this might make my skin soft and smooth again with regular use. The mask is very comfortable to wear, it doesn’t make your skin really stiff and isn’t really hard to remove either. On the back of the tube it recommends using 1-2 times a week which I might continue doing as even after this first use my skin feels a lot smoother and although my cheeks still feel uneven they don’t feel as dry.

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