5 Great Beauty Products Under £5


There was a time when my make up bag was full of budget brands and they were all I used to use, when looking at my every day make up the other day I realised I don’t actually use many products that are under £5. I guess this has naturally happened as I’ve got older and have started earning my own money meaning I can buy more and try high end products. This realisation prompted me to look into my collection and see what gems I have under £5 that I have been neglecting lately.


The first product I pulled out of my collection was a blogger favourite that had a lot of hype around it a couple of years ago, this is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I believe it is still really popular amongst a lot of people as when I purchased this one a few months ago there were hardly any left on the shelf especially in the shade I wear which is fair shade 1. This concealer is really affordable at £4.19 and has great coverage.


Probably the prettiest product out of this bunch is the Goddess of Love baked highlighter from I Heart Makeup. It is in very similar packaging to the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush and the product itself looks just as nice. This product would make such a nice gift for a secret santa or a stocking filler as its only £4.99 but is a product that not many people have ever seen or heard of as its not widely available in store.


The Natural Collection Juicy Lips Gloss is definitely one of the more affordable items in my collection at only £1.99. They’re great for everyday wear the two colours I have are Turkish Delight and Pink Velvet but in total there are ten shades to choose from. I find these great just to throw in the bottom of my handbag as its not the end of the world I loose them and are really easy to apply if I haven’t got much time.


The Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows are probably one of my most favourite collection of products. These are really great to wear on their own if you’re in a rush and just want to do a really easy eye look but also make a great base for powder shadows too. I have the shades Barely Branded and Bad to the Bronze, I purchased these in America but I think Bad to the Bronze is called On and On Bronze in the UK. These are only £4.99 and I went through a stage about a year ago of wearing these every day and the pots are still quite full.

Finally I’m going to mention the product that might be the cheapest in my collection which is the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick, the shade I have is Encore. I’m really not sure why I haven’t picked up some more shades of this lipstick as they’re only £1.


I hope this post helps show that great products can be found even when you’re on a budget and also may inspire some of you to look through your collection and pick out some affordable gems, please let me know if you do as I love discovering new makeup.



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